About #HackTheStigma

For too long fear of judgement and negative consequences has kept us from having a meaningful conversation about mental health.

It it because of that fear that so many people who suffer from mental illness don't seek the help they need. It is one of many reasons that we live in silence, and why so many lose the fight and pay the highest price for it.

It's time to start talking about it. It's time for it to be accepted, and for sufferers to feel able to seek help without fear of reprisal.

We aim to end the stigma around mental illness, to enable open conversation and empower sufferers to share their experiences so that they might help others know they are not alone.

Who Are We

Kayla Daniels

Greensboro, NC USA

Yitzchok Willroth

Lakewood, NJ USA

How Can I Help?

If you suffer from mental illness, and you can, talk about it.
If you don’t suffer: Listen.

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